11 Over-the-Top Pool Floats That Will End Your Pandemic Blues

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It's summer, it's hot, and that means those of us who have access to pools are suiting up for days spent floating in the sunshine. Whether you're attempting to DIY a luxury pool or are heading for a pool near you (or, perhaps, the beach), there's one purchase you're probably making: a pool float. From the massive and funky to the sleek and timeless, pool floats are far from a thing of the past.


In fact, research shows that demand has only increased for pool floats, with the pool floats market valued in the billions as of this year. Companies like Funboy and Intex are dominating the market, and while pool floats for kids do tend to be a ​bit​ more popular, adults are clearly making the investment into floats of our own. And rightfully so after the year we've had.

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If you're in the market for a fun, over-the-top pool float, we found some of our favorites so you can finally land that FOMO-worthy summer Instagram photo.

1. Funboy Disco Dome, $269

For all your on-the-water disco party needs.


2. Burrow Colossal Sea Shell Pool Float, $78.99

The pearl can be removed and used as a beach ball!


3. Target Glitter Swim Tube, $4

A tube filled with glitter. What more could you ask for?


4. Funboy x Malibu Barbie Private Jet Float, $89


It's Barbie, after all.


5. Party City Fried Eggs Pool Float, $30

You and your bestie can each sit on a yolk for some quality pool time.


6. Oliver James Outdoor Pool Lounger, $850

While this one is a lot less colorful than the others, it is $850. Over the top, indeed!


7. Molleos Giant Inflatable Pizza Slice, $67.99

If you get eight slices, you can create an entire floating pie.



8. Sun Squad Flamingo Pool Float With Legs, $10

Adding legs really takes a flamingo pool float to the next level.


9. Intex Inflatabull Rodeo Bull Pool Float, $144.99

Who's ready to ride?

10. Bestway Coolerz Tropical Breeze Inflatable 8-Person Floating Island, $395

A whopping eight people can comfortably float on this "island."

11. Funboy Royal Crown Island Float, $179

For the royalty in your life.



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