We Think It's High Time You Consider a Stock Tank-Style Pool

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In the throes of a scorching summer, the desire to plunge into crystalline waters is undeniably strong. As the mercury rises and the throngs descend on community pools and local beaches, the temptation to install a pool in your own backyard can be hard to resist — that is, until you discover that the average cost of a built-in swimming pool is $35,000. Which is why we're arguing that it's high time you consider a stock tank-style pool.


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Made by repurposing an inexpensive galvanized stock tank — intended for watering livestock — into a rustic swimming pool, with the help of a water filtration system, a stock tank pool offers an affordable alternative to a costly built-in swimming pool. So, in the interest of helping you soak up the last few days of summer, ahead, we're sharing five stock tank-style pools so chic we're willing to bet they'll inspire you to head to the nearest farm supply store stat.


1. Opt for a Simple Stock Tank Pool

A 125-gallon oval stock tank is ideal for a low-maintenance, modestly sized pool. Measuring in at 5 feet by 2 feet and only 2 feet deep, it's just large enough for one or two people to take a refreshing dip.


2. Or, Opt for a Pool Fit for a Crowd

An 8-foot round stock tank, on the other hand, is large enough to comfortably seat six, like this DIY stock tank pool situated among spindly Joshua trees in the California desert.


3. Add a Deck and Wrap-Around Seating

Elevate a simple stock tank-style pool with an inviting deck and wrap-around seating. Add solar-powered path lights and a spot to hang lanterns in order to illuminate your oasis for an evening soak.


4. Or, Simply Add a Wooden Bench

If custom seating isn't in the budget, place a wooden bench next to the pool to keep towels dry, drinks within reach, and snacks at arm's length. Now all that's left to do is don a wide-brimmed hat and hop in.


5. Bring a Stock Tank Pool to the Backyard

Boasting a deck with built-in bench seating, this backyard belonging to Victoria from SF Girl by Bay makes the ideal backdrop for a DIY plunge pool. Complete with string lights, this verdant patio is the picture-perfect setting for a post-sunset swim.


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