These Color-Changing Peonies Are 2021 Garden Must-Haves

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All flowers are magical, but we just discovered a type of bloom that takes that description to the next level. According to Real Simple, there is a peony that changes color as it blooms. It's called the Command Performance peony and it starts off as hot pink, but will slowly turn light pink over time. Magic!


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You can buy these beauties online at Breck's ($9.99), where it states that Command Performance peonies require full sun, partial shade, well-drained deep soil, and a hardiness zone of 3-8 (which is most of America). They also bloom from mid to late spring. Additional retailers include Home Depot ($33.72), Walmart ($33.96), and Etsy ($28).

The Peony Society states that Command Performance is among the largest of all the peonies. It was officially registered in 1996 by peony hybridizer Don Hollingsworth of Hollingsworth Peonies. Due to its spectacular color change, the Command Performance peony is also known as the "gobstopper."

If you have a garden, you'll definitely want to add this peony variety to your lineup. And if you'd prefer to get a bouquet of these beauties, give your local florists a call or see if there's a Fresh Market near you.