How to Care for a Wilting Daisy

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Proper care will keep your daisies looking their best.

Daisies of all varieties are visually striking and typically easy to care for. If you find that your daisy plant is looking less then stellar, there are basic maintenance steps you can take that can dramatically improve the appearance and health of your plant. When you see flowers on your plant that are wilted, drooping or losing petals and leaves, it is time to take steps to nurse your daisy back to top condition.


Step 1

Check the soil of your daisy for moisture. A common reason for wilting daisies is lack of water. If the soil feels dry to the touch, water the plant thoroughly. Maintain a regular watering schedule to avoid continued wilting of the flowers.

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Step 2

Fertilize your daisy regularly with an all-purpose liquid fertilizer. Read and follow the directions on the bottle of fertilizer for mixing and application instructions. If your daisy is planted in a pot, it will need fertilizer more frequently than a daisy planted in the ground.


Step 3

Clip faded and wilted flowers and leaves back to the base of the plant with hand pruners. Cutting off the dead heads on your daisy plant will allow the other flowers to get more energy and improve their appearance.

Step 4

Place a 2-inch layer of mulch made from an organic material over the top of the soil in which your daisy is planted. Mulch can be made of wood chips, bark, lawn clippings or other organic material. Mulch helps keep the soil moist by preventing evaporation. Mulch also aids in controlling weeds and, over time, it improves the quality of the soil, all of which will give you a healthier plant.



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