6 Easy Home Cleaning Tips to Keep Ants Away

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In every home, there are common areas that are known to be ant attractors. Fortunately, there are easy ways to ​prevent​ the arrival of these unwanted houseguests. Give these six specific areas extra cleaning attention to help keep ants out of your home. (And, if ants have already made their way in, here are six ways to get rid of them, naturally.)


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1. Clean counters and floors.

Don't store any food on your counters and wipe counters down regularly. Sweep floors often to remove any fallen crumbs.


2. Check houseplants.

Houseplants can become the source for ant infestations so check your plants for unwanted critters. Remove any infested plants.


3. Vacuum furniture.

It's amazing the collection of crumbs that can accumulate under cushions over time! Vacuum the couch and other furniture thoroughly.


4. Clean pet food area.

Keep the pet food area free of spills and fallen food. When your pet is done eating, pick up the food and clean the bowls.


5. Take out the trash.

Take out the garbage regularly, especially if it contains food waste. Wash out all of the garbage cans and clean any crumbs or spills from the trash can area.

6. Clean cupboards.

Take an afternoon to clean out kitchen drawers, cupboards, and your pantry to remove any unseen ant-attracting spills or crumbs.