7 Sweet Nursery Design Trends You'll Want to Steal For Yourself

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Just as quickly as your new baby girl or boy grows, playroom and nursery trends will come and go. From pretty-in-pink princess spaces with tassels to those defined by popular cartoons to Scandinavian-inspired rooms and neutral colors, there is a lot to digest when it comes to designing the perfect nursery that won't get dated as your little one grows and matures.


That's where we come in. We rounded up some of our favorite nursery ideas and themes that are trend-led but long-lasting, which means you'll have one less thing to think about when baby-proofing your abode

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1. Gender Neutral Designs

Stereotypes, be gone! A gender-neutral nursery can complement your home decor without relying on typical norms to dictate the aesthetic. An all-white or minimalist nursery with clean lines and natural wood furniture may seem like an odd choice for a little one that's bound to create messes, but we promise it will be manageable. Just choose washable materials! Pro tip: Mention your preference on the baby registry so loved ones will be in the know.

2. Earthy Color Schemes

A desert-like color palette is also popular when it comes to gender-neutral or modern nursery designs. Think pale pinks, mustards, and rust shades paired with natural materials such as cotton, linen, and jute. Blogger Luke Arthur Wells provides the perfect inspiration with this simple yet sweet design. And we can't get over the DIY board and batten accent wall.


3. Safari-Chic Accents

If you spotted the cuddly giraffe in the previous trend, you may have already been inspired by a safari-style setup. We've got just one tip when it comes to this classic nursery decor idea — make it sophisticated! Animals will always be on-trend when it comes to children, but the chicer the wildlife touches are, the more likely they are to endure. Opt for a delicate wallpaper like this option from Livette's Wallpaper, or use murals and wall art to make something more personal.



4. Hand-Painted Wall Murals

If you've got time to spare, or just love to try out new projects, wall murals are a fun way to bring personality to a space. They may even foster your little one's creativity at an early age. Want to know what's currently trending in the world of nursery murals? Pastel rainbows, scallops, and stripes! If you go this route, just make sure to look for paints with low or no VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Infants are especially sensitive to the toxins, and you'll want your little one to have a pretty ​and​ safe sleeping space.


5. Under-the-Sea Touches

Nature-inspired nurseries do a wonderful job of merging adventure and whimsy in one space, especially when dream-like sea creatures and delicate shells are part of the design and wall decor. Olivia of Lust Living was inspired by this Ferm Living x Katie Scott Shells Wallpaper and created a neutral, oceanic baby's nursery to complement it. As this luxurious setup shows, your sea-themed room needn't be blue. Remember you can always make nursery trends your own.


6. Revived Furniture

While sustainability is far from a trend, being mindful is something that every household is considering, and you should, too. Before hunting around your favorite homeware stores for changing baskets and nursery organization items, why not shop your own home and upcycle furniture instead? Natasha Nuttall of Graphique Fantastique revamped this chest of drawers, turning it into a playful statement that doubles as wall decor. All you need to get the look are some low VOC paint samples and painter's tape.


7. All Boho Everything

As bohemian style continues to soar in interior design, it makes sense that it would filtrate into nurseries and kids' rooms, too. The soft textures and natural materials are ideal for creating a boho space that works for parents as much as it does for little ones. Rattan cribs and shelving are particularly in fashion, meaning they're widely available.



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