5 Stainless Steel Bathroom Sink Ideas That Look Sleek and Timeless

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Picture a bathroom basin, and you'll likely imagine ceramic, porcelain, or perhaps even concrete. But what about one with a metallic finish? Stainless steel sinks are not just for kitchens. Since it resists germs and bacteria and doesn't rust or stain, a high-quality metal can get the job done well.


Wondering about durability? Stainless steel (whether it has a satin finish or a chrome one) is incredibly strong. Plus, you'll never have to worry about corrosion. That's not all, though. It also looks polished and timeless and won't ever chip, crack, or peel. On top of that, staining is a non-issue, it can be scrubbed clean.

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Moreover, stainless steel sinks work perfectly in modern, farmhouse, or even zen bathrooms. Scroll on for a few of our favorite examples.

1. Add stainless steel sinks to a classic bathroom.

Ooh, la la! This French-inspired bathroom by Giannetti Home would make Marie Antoinette proud. A weathered vanity is outfitted with two drop-in stainless steel sinks. And they're positioned under gold-framed mirrors and wall-mount vintage-style faucets.


2. Embrace the quaint look.

This bathroom, designed by Waterleaf Interiors, does not shy away from classic charm. The quaint wallpaper feels cozy and is the perfect match for the single bowl steel sink We especially appreciate the simplicity of the white countertop contrasted with the ornate sconce and faucet.


3. Go for a combo.

Can't commit to a full stainless steel vessel? Here's an alternative: a ceramic basin with a metal rim, like this deep farmhouse sink in a powder room designed by Park and Oak. The polished nickel faucet matches the rim, bringing shine to a fairly minimal space.



4. Inject a few nautical touches.

We love this room's nautical theme, and that includes the stainless steel lavatory sink. From shiplap trim to sailboat wallpaper to a rope mirror, this bathroom is fit for a captain — or a ship-loving kiddo. Plus, the metal basin will withstand all the wear-and-tear of a kids' bathroom with ease.


5. Go simple and sleek.

When furniture designer and woodworker Sebastian Parker fully remodeled this Noe Valley home, he tapped into his love of the Japanese aesthetic to guide the design. And this zen bathroom, which is outfitted with reclaimed cedar walls, was included in the reno. Square footage was limited — the entire home consisted of just 460 square feet — so Parker picked a stainless steel bathroom sink to make a statement and kept everything else simple.



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