11 IKEA Items Under $50 for a Patio Makeover

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If you're looking to undertake a patio or backyard makeover, there's no better place to look than IKEA — you're bound to find pieces to fit your style, and you know the price will be right. Here are our favorite wallet-friendly picks — including furniture, games, accessories, and more — all for under $50!


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1. Askholmen Wall Table and Chair, $49

For smaller patios and balconies, this table and chair duo is ideal for a solo setup.

2. Solblekt Picnic Blanket, $29.99

Make an afternoon into an event by spreading out this cheery picnic blanket and bringing a meal and some entertainment outside.

3. Solvinden LED Pendant Lamp, $6.99

Add some magical warmth to al fresco dinners with this cordless, LED-powered paper lantern.

4. Krokholmen Coffee Table, $34.99

Every outdoor living room needs some cute and durable pieces. At less than $35, this metal coffee table is a great item to plan around.


5. Riso Hammock, $25

We are all for adding a hammock to your backyard — could anything be more relaxing?

6. Solblekt Racket and Ball Set, $14.99

Here's a game that's easy to play if you're social-distancing.

7. Solvinden LED Light Stake, $12.99

How adorable is this tulip-shaped LED light stake? Completely solar-powered!

8. Applaro Wall Panel, $49

Create the vertical garden of your dreams with this slatted wooden panel.

9. Funkon Cushion Cover, $4.99

Don't worry about keeping this pillow cover out all summer long: It resists sun-fading and is water-repellent.


10. Utefest Wine Glasses (6 pack), $4.99

Ditch your red Solo cups for these plastic wine glasses — way more adultish.

11. Hogon Umbrella, $39.99

Give yourself a shady spot for eating, reading — whatever your heart desires!


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