This French Food Channel Is So WTF, I Can't Handle It

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The French do everything so well, it can make me hate life: decor, weight-management, skincare, effortlessness. And, of course, food.


Or so I thought.


I've been following a French Facebook-based video brand called Chefclub, which follows in the tradition of BuzzFeed's Tasty with "hands-and-pans"-type cooking videos, yet takes things to levels which are simply bizarre, outrageous, and decidedly non-human. Pardon me when I respectfully say: What le fuck.

The hallmarks of a Chefclub recipe usually involve ingredients that add up to about a week's worth of calories (multiple cheese wheels, candies inserted into cakes inserted into more sugary things), odd food-within-food techniques, and generally bizarre combinations, which yield such masterpieces as a "burger lasagna," a spaghetti fondue concoction, or a giant cookie baked with Kinder bars.


I've followed Chefclub for years, but it seems there's something about my Facebook quarantine algorithm that's been surfacing Chefclub videos with insane regularity. And there's just something about the videos where you want to stop watching, but you can't. YOU JUST CAN'T.

These recipes are disturbing ... yet I can't deny that there's some level of genius. Like, engineering fried cheese popsicles to dip into eggs requires some type of brain space not ordinarily occupied by most humans. Then again, I usually have to question everything once a hot dog comes into the picture, which, 78% of the time, it inevitably does.

If you ever decide to make one of these recipes, by all means let us know how it turns out. Bon appétit?



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