Perfect Pairing: Baby Foot and a Cordless, Handheld Vacuum

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Being stuck at home means extra time to care for your space, but it also means extra time to care for your body — whether that's through at-home exercise, or just adopting new beauty routines. One of my favorite pre-summer beauty rituals is Baby Foot: an exfoliating foot mask that basically makes your foot shed layers and layers and LAYERS of dead skin. (Graphic photos here.) In the end, you are left with super soft feet.

How it works: You receive two plastic booties lined with a fruit-based acid. You let your feet sit in the solution for about an hour, wash off the residue, and toss the booties. Then you wait. One day. Two days. Then, usually around the third day you notice the skin on your feet begins to literally molt. And this continues for a few days.

It drives my husband CRAZY, because inevitably, your bed and floors become dotted with little traces of dead skin. (Gross! I know!) And while you're not supposed to pick at the skin, I personally find that a bit tough and so I'll exfoliate my feet over a wastebasket a few times. Anyhow ... in order for your home to not become the Land of Foot Skin Remains, you'll want to be vacuuming pretty diligently, which is why I recommend also picking up a top-notch cordless, handheld vacuum. My preferred is by BLACK + DECKER: It holds its battery power for long durations, has a nozzle for extra-hard-to-reach spots, and is easy to clean out.

Baby Foot Peel, $25

BLACK+DECKER Handheld Vacuum, $55.26

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