This Nighttime Bedroom Addition Has Legit Changed My Life

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I'm not the world's worst sleeper, but for years I've had trouble staying asleep, or feeling like my sleep is really truly restful. I'm now convinced that that the reason for this is because I wasn't falling asleep correctly. On a whim, I brought two of Casper's Glow Lights into the bedroom. The Glow is described as a "light to help you fall asleep," and it does that by emitting an amazingly soft light that gradually dims.


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How It Works

The Casper Glow sits on a charging base. When you lift it up and turn it over, it lights up and begins its 45 minute timer. Initially, the light is bright enough for reading (for about the first 15 minutes), then it dims until it's just barely glowing before it goes out completely. If you want to pause the cycle, you can push the top button. You can also manually adjust the light by swiveling it clockwise/counter-clockwise, which will cause it to dim/brighten.



I'm a total convert. Even the first time using it, I woke up with that feeling of not remembering falling asleep or anything before falling asleep. In the days and weeks after, it was a similar feeling — I never got to the point of still being awake before the end of the 45 minute cycle. If I had to guess, I'd say I usually fall asleep around 20 minutes in. The best part is feeling like you are slowly slipping into a very restful sleep. The quality of the light is just so cozy; it's somehow perfectly engineered so that when you close your eyes, it's not disturbing.


There is an app you can use to turn the lights on and set a wake-up. I found the app to be a little clunky and it kind of takes away from the fun experience of turning or swiveling your Glow. I tried the wake-up feature a few times and, while it did wake me up, I couldn't remember how to turn it off, causing the entire room to light up and wake my partner.

Added Bonuses

  • On a full charge, it's portable. I'm big into jigsaw puzzles and I sometimes use my Casper Glow to provide extra illumination while puzzling.
  • If you're really into home tech, there's an accompanying app that allows you a bit more customization (making the lights brighter, setting a longer cycle). You can also schedule a wake-up in the morning.
  • If you want to get up in the middle of the night, you can lift the Glow and just shake it slightly, triggering the light's lowest illumination — just enough light to see your way around the bedroom, without disturbing a partner.
  • If you've got a newborn or toddler, this would be amazing for a nursery. It's like a nightlight that also lulls your kids to sleep.





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