Insect-Repelling Decor for an Itch-Free Summer

credit: Terrain

Ah, summer. Pool parties, buzz, barbecues, b_uzz,_ and general outdoor fun, BUZZ. That sound is the inevitable buzzkill of the season. If you're like us, you're itching already simply thinking about the change in the weather. But don't settle on spending all summer in a hazmat suit just yet — there are a wide variety of items out there to keep bugs away. And surprisingly, some of them are really cute!

Ocean Citronella Jar Candle
credit: Terrain

Hang a few of these citronella candles over your outdoor dining table and bring your guests to dinner like a moth to a flame ... but without any moths.

Woven Food Domes
credit: World Market

Set up a delicious and beautiful outdoor buffet without having to hover nearby and swat away flies. Live the dream.

Love Bracket Torch
credit: Wayfair

Not all torches have to be of the tiki variety. Add a citronella candle to one of these metal torches to light a bug-free path.

credit: Wayfair

While this tented hammock isn't totally enclosed, it will offer more protection than one swinging out in the open.

Madison James Flyaway Sticks, Pack of 31
credit: Terrain

These flyaway sticks are like giant, citrus-smelling incense wands. Not only do they smell and look nice, they'll also keep annoying bugs away without harming local bees.

Unstung Hero
credit: Shen Beauty

Spray this lemon tea-scented mosquito repelling eau de cologne on everything from your body to your tablecloth and other linens for a smell that says "GTFO, flies" — in the most Martha Stewart-y way possible.

Large Vintage Whole Room Air Circulator 14" Floor Fan
credit: Wayfair

Blow 'em away and keep cool at the same time because as it turns out, mosquitos aren't that great at flying.

citronella candle
credit: Target

Leave it to Chip and Joanna to create a citronella candle that's actually drop-dead cute.

Sara Nachlis

Sara Nachlis

Sara Nachlis is a multimedia writer and editor living in Los Angeles by way of Long Beach, CA. Did you know Sublime is from there?