The Amado in Palm Springs Is the Stunning Result of One Woman's Dream

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In 2013, photographer Jaime Kowal came across a vacant multi-family apartment complex in her hometown of Palm Springs, California. And after some thought, she decided to purchase it and take on a new title as the property's head designer.


This decision came with its challenges, of course, but none were as large as not having the input of a professional team. Nevertheless, Kowal took to the site with determination, and sought to create a space that reflected her own interior tastes and love of the surrounding desert.

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"It was all very innocent," she said.

What came of her project was an intimate five-unit hotel named the Amado, which is inspired by the city's famed midcentury architecture and modern penchant for colorful minimalism. It's a getaway that almost feels like a home — open living spaces and a cozy outdoor sitting area help to spark that feeling — but guests aren't supposed to get too comfortable. Kowal explains that visitors are encouraged to "use the Amado as a launchpad for their own desert adventure," which may be easier said than done. Once you take a step into her personal oasis, you'll see why it's a tough place to leave.

amado entryway
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The entryway's door is painted "Instant Orange" by Dunn Edwards, which Kowal refers to as an "energizing color" that makes guests excited to stay at the hotel.

amado hallway
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Kowal spent a year "bringing the space back to the original bones" by stripping away newer walls and using the original support system as a primary decorative motif.

amado room area
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Guest Room

Kowal hung her own photographs of the desert in the guest rooms to encourage outdoor adventures. The majority of the midcentury-inspired furniture throughout the hotel was custom-built by Walk The Plank Collective, a design team based in Indonesia.

amado living area 2
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Guest Room

Many of the guest rooms' smaller pieces are sourced from local and regional artisans and manufacturers. The area rugs are by Prestige Rugs in Palm Springs, and the pillows are by Barrington Blue in Los Angeles.



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