Escape to This Italian Farmhouse to Experience the Pleasures of the Past

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From waking up to views of the ocean just beyond rows of olive trees, to meandering in a private garden at golden hour, it's easy to live la dolce vita at Masseria Moroseta.


This airy bed and breakfast in Puglia, Italy is an oasis surrounded by five hundred acres of olive trees, where a slow pace is encouraged by its organic, textured design. To create a hideaway that looks and feels part of a forgotten time, designer Andrew Trotter drew from medieval building practices and the traditions of Italian farmhouses to source materials, and then worked with local artisans on the simplistic construction. None of the natural materials used, he said, come from any brands.

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To make the property modern, he incorporated sliding glass doors, patterned tile, and raised furniture against a timeless black, white, and natural wood color palette. The result is a gorgeous haven that proves a modern-day aesthetic can be rooted in the past.

Masseria Moroseta.
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The hotel's white-washed stone walls appear brighter against the verdant landscape of the surrounding olive trees. The hotel has a strong focus on being environmentally friendly, and solar panels provide electricity and heat for the whole building. An organic farm provides water and food for guests.

Masseria Moroseta guestroom.
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Guest Room

The walls throughout the property are made of tufo, a popular, centuries-old stone choice in Italy. On the hottest days of the year, the vaulted ceilings and stone floors — along with eco-friendly recycled insulation — keep everything nice and cool. A platformed bed with linen sheets also add a lived-in feel.

Masseria Moroseta alcove.
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Guest Room

The feeling of the space encourages guests to slow down and take it easy. An alcove near a room's wood-burning fireplace allows for some quiet time.

Masseria Moroseta lounge.
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Masseria is Italian for farmhouse, and per tradition, everything is set around the central courtyard. Guests pass between their rooms and the courtyard in this lounge area. The black-trimmed sliding glass doors pop against the white walls and furniture, and provide a stunning frame to the olive tree fields.



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