This Gorgeous Hudson Valley Hotel Makes for the Ideal Fall Escape

Set two hours from New York City, in the classic upstate town of Hudson, the Rivertown Lodge is a bit of an anomaly: It takes the Americana traditions of its picturesque surroundings and makes them fit for today's effortlessly modern tastes.

The 27-room hotel, which is based in a building that was once a movie theater, was renovated as a collaboration between its owners and Brooklyn-based studio Workstead to reflect the creativity and beauty of its community. The goal, the team said, was to create a "timeless, iconic hotel that embodies the aesthetic culture of the Hudson Valley" by working with locals who understand the feel of this storied location.

The lobby, tavern, and guest rooms were outfitted with designs by local artisans — and the creations of Workstead's contacts out of the borough — for results that relish in simple, comforting aesthetics. A cozy sitting area detailed with firewood is illuminated by natural light, private areas feature updated twists on traditional necessities, and communal eating spaces are filled with natural details. It's exactly the type of place you'd want to escape to for the weekend.

river town lodge lobby 1
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credit: Rivertown Lodge

The cherry wood front desk, which was built by Markus Bartenschlager, brings some of the beautiful scenery indoors while still maintaining a clean, timeless feel.

river town lodge lobby 2
credit: Rivertown Lodge

Floor-to-ceiling partitions separate the lobby and sitting area into two adjacent spaces. In order to maintain an airy look, the designers outfitted the partitions with windows that allow light to flow from the outside through the lobby.

river town lodge tapestry over bed
credit: Rivertown Lodge

Brooklyn-based fiber artist Hiroko Takeda's tapestry hangs above the bed as an unconventional, but trendy, artwork. All guest beds were custom-made by Workstead.

river town lodge bedside lamp
credit: Rivertown Lodge

The designers' use of "Early American Modern" elements in the guest rooms provide updated twists on classic pieces. The wall sconces, for instance, are meant to resemble traditional candles, and have reflectors that diffuse light.

river town lodge bathroom
credit: Rivertown Lodge

In the bathroom, green tiles by Nemo complement the simple brass fixtures.

river town lodge bar
credit: Rivertown Lodge

A copper-topped bar creates the perfect old-school vibe at the hotel's watering hole, while stools by M. Crow — and exposed light fixtures on the ceiling — provide modern touches.