How to Cut Holes in Concrete Pavers

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Due to the versatility in the paver designs, concrete pavers are often a perfect solution to dressing up a landscape or interior spaces. Pavers can be stamped and stained to match virtually any design. When planning a design using concrete pavers, it may not be possible to avoid having to drill holes into the pavers. Using only a few basic materials, drilling holes through concrete can be easily completed, saving time and money.


Step 1

Choose carbine, a carbide grit-edge hole saw drill bit specifically designed for masonry drilling and insert it into the hammer drill.

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Step 2

Adjust the drill to the fastest drill speed.

Step 3

Mark the drilling location on the concrete paver.


Step 4

Begin drilling through the paver. Periodically stop and cool the paver and drill bit by pouring water over the drilled area of the paver. Allow the drill and the bit to do the work, there is no need to drill fast or apply to much pressure to the drill.

Step 5

Hold the drill as vertical as possible. Drilling at an angle will cause the hole to be off center.


Step 6

Flip the paver over once the pilot bit of the hole saw has completely drilled through the paver. This reduces the chance of cracking the paver.

Step 7

Clean the concrete dust off the paver with a vacuum.

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