How to Install Shelves on Concrete Block Walls

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Concrete anchors allow the builder to attach shelving to concrete and plaster surfaces.

The thought of fastening a simple set of shelves to rock-hard concrete might dismay the average do-it-yourselfer. With a few specialized tools, anchoring shelves in concrete becomes easy and quick. Even better, the skills learned through this project teach the novice builder the skills required to attach nearly anything to concrete surfaces.


Step 1

Place a shelf bracket on the wall in the desired position. Hold a level in a vertical position and press the level against the side of the shelf bracket. Use the level to plumb the bracket. Hold the bracket in a plumb position, put down the level, pick up a pencil and make a mark at the center of each of the bracket's screw holes. Remove the bracket from the wall.

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Step 2

Hold the level in a horizontal position and place the level against the wall. Position the level on the mark representing the position of the first bracket's top screw hole and adjust its position until it is level. Use the top edge of the level as a guide to mark the position of the second shelf bracket's top screw hole. Use the level and pencil to mark the position of the remaining screw holes for the second bracket.


Step 3

Attach a masonry drill bit to a combination drill and driver; refer to your concrete anchor manufacturer's guidelines for drill bit length and diameter. Set the drill to the hammer position. Drill a hole at each of the screw hole marks. Brush the interior of the holes with a brush to remove concrete dust and debris.

Step 4

Insert a concrete anchor into each hole. Change the drill to the driver setting. Hold the first shelf bracket over a set of concrete anchors and align the bracket's holes with the concrete anchors. Drive a screw through each of the bracket's screw holes and into the concrete anchors. Hold the second shelf bracket against the remaining anchors and align the bracket's screw holes with the anchors. Drive a screw through each of the bracket's holes and into the concrete anchors.


Step 5

Place shelving material on top of the secured brackets. Working from beneath the shelving material, use the drill to drive screws through the shelf brackets and into the underside of the shelving material.



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