How to Affordably and Easily Color Landscaping Bricks and other Concrete

Add a splash of color to your home landscape by staining the concrete walk, bricks or pavers in the garden. By using readily available water-based products, the do-it-yourself homeowner can change the plain gray concrete to match or contrast with the existing hardscape. Unlike acid-wash processes, this solution does not require acid, ammonia or other potentially toxic ingredients to color the concrete.

Painting concrete pavers gives a patio a unique appearance.

Step 1

Mix the trisodium phosphate, or TSP, with water according to the manufacturer's directions. Scrub the concrete or concrete pavers with the TSP mixture and a stiff brush. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water. Allow to dry.

Step 2

Apply two coats of concrete sealer over the concrete or pavers using a roller or paintbrush, according to the manufacturer's directions. Let the first coat dry completely before applying the second coat. Let the second coat dry completely.

Step 3

Mix equal parts of the sealer, the exterior paint and water in the 5-gallon bucket.

Step 4

Hang the bucket grid on the inside of the 5-gallon bucket.

Step 5

Roll the paint roller into the paint and up and down the grid, removing the excess paint mixture.

Step 6

Roll over the concrete, applying an even coat of the translucent paint mixture. Allow to dry. If you want a darker color, add another coat of paint.

Step 7

Touch up around the edges of the concrete with the paintbrush.

Step 8

Roll three coats of concrete sealer over the stained concrete. Allow each coat to dry completely before walking on the finished surface.