How to Lay Patio Stones

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How to Lay Patio Stones. Patio stones are a fantastic landscaping feature to any home or business. To lay them, you'll need to first purchase the correct stones and to prepare before getting started. Be sure to buy high quality stones that are less likely to break when walked on. Also, prepare the area by removing debris and leveling it. Be sure to check with local zoning codes to be sure your project is allowable in your area.


Step 1

Design your patio stone layout before getting started. Mark off the specific width and length of the patio with small dowels and rope. This will help you keep the patio aligned as you lay each of the stones. Remove dirt and grass from this area at least 8 inches in depth, for placement of the foundation and the stones; level it.

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Step 2

Add gravel to the foundation, which should be half of the height of the patio. Level the gravel. Add about an inch of stone dust which will work as a type of cement to hold the patio stone in place. Keep it level.


Step 3

Lay the brick on top of the stone dust, tapping each of the stones into place using a rubber mallet. Consider the basket weave design which allows you to place two bricks (if using bricks or brick like stones) vertically, with the next two horizontally. Layout the patio stones in the pattern you like first, on the grass, if they are unevenly shaped.

Step 4

Finish laying the patio stone to cover the walkway or patio you are creating. Lay each piece as you would like, then move on to the next working from one piece to the next rather than skipping spaces. You'll be able to move the stones during this phase.


Step 5

Complete the project by adding another layer of stone dust over the top, making sure to fill in the cracks or edges. Sweep off excess that is on top of the stones. Then, spray the stone dust with water, which will cause it to harden and secure the patio stones in place. Allow to dry before walking on it.



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