How to Surface Wash a Stuffed Animal

Stuffed animals can become covered with dirt, dust and debris often, especially when a child plays with the toy frequently. Stuffed animals need to be cleaned regularly to remove allergens and to keep them in good condition. While most stuffed animals are washed in a laundry machine, tags on fragile stuffed animals often read "surface clean only." Cleaning the stuffed animal by hand can help return the toy to its original condition.

Surface wash your child's favorite stuffed animal to keep it in good condition.

Step 1

Remove dust from the stuffed animal by vacuuming it with a brush or upholstery attachment.

Step 2

Soak a washcloth with warm and soapy water. Wring out the excess water.

Step 3

Wipe the washcloth across the surface of the stuffed animal.

Step 4

Rinse off the stuffed animal with a washcloth and clean water. Wring out the excess water from the washcloth to prevent saturating the stuffed animal.

Step 5

Allow the stuffed animal to air dry. Blow-dry the toy with a hair dryer to aid in the drying process.

Step 6

Brush the stuffed animal with a hairbrush to straighten out the fur or hair.