How to Remove Urine from a Down Comforter

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A down comforter gives you a warm, soft place to sleep every night. It can also be a sizable investment and require specific care over the years. Whether someone had a bedtime accident or your pet was making a statement, a urine stain on your down comforter is bad news. Down comforters must be cleaned with care or they can be ruined.

Step 1

Blot the urine stain dry with paper towels until you have removed all the excess urine from the comforter.


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Step 2

Apply a spot treatment specifically designed to combat a urine stain, such as Nature's Miracle. Apply it liberally to the urine stain, rinse with water, and then blot dry.

Step 3

Wash the stained comforter in an oversized washing machine on the delicate cycle with detergent designed to handle delicate laundry. Use cold water and an extra rinse cycle if possible. Check the tag before washing, though. Some manufacturers recommend that you only dry clean your down comforter and do not try to wash it yourself.

Step 4

Hang the comforter on a clothesline to allow it to air dry. Doing this outside is best but if that is not possible, you can do it inside, too.



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