How to Get Fuzzballs Off Black Sweatpants

Black sweatpants often attract light-colored or white fuzzballs and lint. Whether you have fuzzballs on your sweatpants from storing them next to an angora sweater or laundering them improperly, there are several simple steps that will remove even the most stubborn lint. With either a specialty lint-removal tool or just common household items, your black sweatpants will quickly be fuzz-free and as good as new.

Fuzzballs on your black sweatpants don't have to slow you down.

Step 1

Wash the sweatpants in a washing machine using a laundry detergent that lists cellulase in its ingredient list. Cellulase enzymes help loosen lint and fuzz. Wash the sweatpants by themselves or with only a few other dark items.

Step 2

Dry the sweatpants in a dryer. Machine-drying removes the fuzz and lint after washing.

Step 3

Roll a piece of duct tape over your hand with the sticky side facing out. Press the duct tape on any remaining fuzzballs to pull them off the sweatpants.

Step 4

Brush the sweatpants with a lint roller or specialty lint brush if fuzzballs and lint remain. A regular hairbrush will often work just as well.

Step 5

Pluck off any fuzz and lint that continue to cling to your sweatpants with a pair of tweezers.

Mary Pletcher

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