How to Keep a Fuzzy Jacket From Leaving Lint

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Some fleece jackets are fuzzy.

If your jacket is fuzzy, it likely produces a lot of lint, and wearing it may leave a small trail of little fuzz balls, such as on your desk chair, sofa or the shirt you are wearing. It is unlikely that you will totally eliminate all the lint from a fuzzy jacket. However, you can reduce the amount of loose lints and frequency that they transfer to other objects.


Step 1

Launder your washable fuzzy jacket with garments that also have a lot of lint, such as towels and cotton sweatpants. This helps prevent the fuzzy jacket leaving lint on garments and linens that otherwise do not have problems with lint.

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Step 2

Remove the lint from your dryer's lint trap and dry the fuzzy jacket if it is dryer safe. This helps remove most of the loose lint.


Step 3

Remove excess lint between uses with a lint roller, the hooked side of a hook-and-loop fastener or masking tape. Roll or blot the jacket to get rid of the lint that is ready to come off, possibly clinging to your chair, shirt or other items it comes in contact with.



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