How to Clean a Hudson Bay Blanket

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Hudson Bay blankets are also known as a Hudson Bay Point Blankets and are highly collectible 100 percent pure wool blankets, originally made by the The Hudson Bay Company in North America in the 18th and 19th centuries. The word "Point" in the name refers to a system of categorizing the blankets by size and insulation factor by weight of wool, where the higher the point signified the greater size and warmth of the blanket. Historically, the blankets varied widely in both pattern and color. These blankets are still produced today in England in a range of colors and sized to modern bedding standards.


Dry Cleaning

Step 1

Take it to a quality dry cleaners. This is the most common modern-day method for cleaning Hudson Bay Blankets, due to its greater convenience than washing and drying. Dry cleaning is also critically important for cleaning newly acquired but not new blankets so that any moth eggs or moth carcasses are removed and any foreign substances and residues are removed prior to use or storage.


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Step 2

Wash your Hudson Bay Blanket with a gentle liquid soap--such as Woolite--in tepid water in either a wash tub or washing machine on the gentlest cycle. You can do this because even though the blankets are made of 100 percent wool, they are pre-shrunk when manufactured. Do not wring your blanket to remove the residual water as it can stretch and tear the fibers. Gently press and blot the water out or roll it in clean towels and press gently. Lay the blanket out flat to dry completely either on a sheet on the lawn but out of the sun or on clean dry towels draped over the bed.


Step 3

Store the blanket in a fabric cover that breathes, such as a sheet or cotton muslin, and store it in a cedar chest or closet to protect from moth damage, the greatest threat to a Hudson Bay Blanket. Fold the blanket loosely or hang it from a sturdy hanger under cover. Adjust the folded blanket often to prevent creases from becoming permanent in the blanket.

Step 4

For interim cleaning and maintenance during regular use, you can shake out your blanket, air it outdoors out of the sun and brush it with a lint brush to lift any debris and fluff up the nap of the wool.



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