How to Clean Nubuck With a Household Cleaner

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Nubuck is a leather product similar to suede in appearance and texture, although it is more durable and expensive than suede. It is created when the stronger outer hide of the animal is sanded to create a velvety appearance and feel. This soft leather is used in several products, from shoes to couches. It is possible to gently and effectively clean and restore the nap of nubuck without expensive, store-bought cleaners.


Step 1

Rub the surface of the nubuck with a soft cloth using light, back and forth strokes in varying directions. This will restore the nap of the piece and remove any loose dirt or dust.

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Step 2

Examine the nubuck for any dried stains. If you locate one, gently rub the dried stains with an unwanted toothbrush. This will remove the stain gently without harming the fabric.


Step 3

Dip a cotton swab in white vinegar and rub it into any difficult wet or dry stains.

Step 4

Wipe the white vinegar away with a soft cloth. Allow the piece to air-dry completely before using.

Step 5

Apply a coating of nubuck protectant spray to the piece. The spray will protect the couch, shoes or any other nubuck product from future stains and should be applied every six months.



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