How to Repair Torn Suede

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How to Repair Torn Suede. Suede is the "flesh" side of a piece of leather. It has a brushed and velvety appearance. Cuts, burns and tears are more difficult to repair in suede than in other types of leather and can require a professional treatment. However, for small areas of damage to suede clothing or upholstery, try using leather patching and repair kits.

Step 1

Use a subpatch that comes with the leather repair kit. Unlike other leathers, a patch applied on top of the suede fabric will not be satisfactory. The subpatch should be inserted carefully into the cut or tear and glued into place.


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Step 2

Use a hair dryer to hold the patch onto the torn edges if it is difficult to hold the patch together. Heat from the hair drier makes the glue tacky. Hold the edges of the tear together on the subpatch until the glue bonds. For cuts, you only need a small amount of glue.

Step 3

Roughen the patched area with leather protector, because it's likely that the cut line may still be visible once the glue has dried. You may also need to touch up the mended area with a light coat of color that matches the suede.


Step 4

Use the steps above to repair Nubuck as well. These are leathers that have been buffed on the grain side to create a suede-like, velvety nap. Nubuck scratches easily. When repairing Nubuck, if the tear line is still visible after the glue has dried, roughen the surface with the Nubuck Cloth.



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