How to Recycle Laminated Paper

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Things You'll Need

  • Self adhesive magnetic tape

  • Scissors

  • Dry erase markers

  • Tissue or paper towel

"Recycle" laminated paper by reusing it.

Recycling and reusing would-be trash reduces the impact of household waste on the environment. Laminated paper cannot be recycled in the usual way, by a recycling plant. But you can recycle the paper by reusing it yourself at home. There are many ways to reuse the paper so that it becomes a useful material in your home rather than sitting in a land fill.

Homemade Dry-Erase Board

Step 1

Cut two 3-inch strips of self adhesive magnetic tape with scissors.

Step 2

Remove the paper backing from the adhesive side of the tape and stick the strips onto the colored side of a sheet of high-gloss laminated paper. Place one at each side, or place them at the top and bottom.

Step 3

Place the paper so the magnets stick onto a metal surface, such as a refrigerator or locker. Use dry erase markers to write notes or goals on the white side of the laminated paper. WIpe the marker off with a tissue or dry paper towel.

Easy Clean-Up For Crafts

Step 1

Lay sheets of laminated paper over your workspace.

Step 2

Tape the paper in place with masking tape to protect your work surface from glue or paint.

Step 3

Remove the paper after using your workspace. Wipe it down if it is a glossy laminated paper, or just allow matte laminated paper to dry.

Use as Craft Material

Step 1

Cut your laminated paper into strips with scissors, or cut out images from the printed design.

Step 2

Glue the images onto homemade greeting cards or other paper projects.

Step 3

Shred your remaining laminated paper into thin strips and use them as gift- or Easter-basket filler.

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