How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Toasters

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Crumbs in and around toasters can attract roaches.

Cockroaches are disgusting to many people, for good reason: They can spread pathogens, such as E. coli and salmonella, and they are associated with unhygienic, filthy conditions. Cockroaches thrive in dark, moist and warm areas that have plenty of food and water available. The kitchen can be an ideal environment for the unwanted nocturnal bugs to live. They can hide in cabinets, in your pantry, behind the sink and even in electrical appliances, such as your toaster. When roaches set up shop in your toaster, introduce them to the freezer to eliminate them.


Step 1

Put on latex gloves, unplug the toaster and place it in a strong plastic bag. Make a tight knot in the bag or use a trash bag tie to seal the bag.

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Step 2

Place the plastic bag with the toaster in the freezer. Cockroaches die when exposed to cold temperatures of approximately 23 degrees Fahrenheit. If it's winter and temperatures are close to 0 degrees Fahrenheit, place the bag with the toaster outdoors as an alternative.


Step 3

Wait 24 hours if you've placed the bag in the freezer and wait at least five days if you've placed it outdoors.

Step 4

Open the plastic bag outside the house to clean the toaster. Hold it upside-down and shake it vigorously over the plastic bag. Use a pastry brush to help you clean the inside of the toaster. Wet a piece of cloth with water and dish soap, and wipe the exterior and crumb tray of the toaster with it. Avoid dunking the toaster in water, because this can cause an electrical short or a fire when you plug it in.

Step 5

Tie up the plastic bag and discard it outdoors in a trash bin.

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