How to Get Rid of Bacon Odor

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While you may feel you can never get enough bacon, you may not want the bacon smell lingering in your home long after you have finished your meal. You can look to items in your pantry to eliminate cooking odors in your kitchen. There are several natural home remedies to freshen the air so that you only smell bacon while you're cooking or eating it.


Start at the Source

Start by getting rid of the source of the smell. Store any leftover bacon in the refrigerator. Take out the trash. Wash any greasy plates and pans immediately and run the garbage disposal. Turn on the oven range hood vent or room fan and open a window to allow in fresh air to circulate.


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If you can, close the kitchen door to keep the smell from traveling farther. If you cannot close the kitchen door, close bedroom doors to keep the smell from getting absorbed by fabrics, such as clothing and bedding.

Use Steam to Neutralize Odors

Make a lemon steam to help deodorize and to replace odors with a fresh citrus scent. Bring some water to a boil in a pot on the stove. Add half a lemon to the boiling water. You can also add a tablespoon of baking soda to the pot to up the ante. Boil the lemon for approximately 10 minutes.


Another scent you can try is cinnamon. Place two or more whole cinnamon sticks in a pot of water and bring it to a boil. Boil for two minutes and then switch the heat to low. This will distribute the cinnamon scent throughout your home to help replace the bacon smell.

An additional option is a vinegar steam. In a pot, mix 1 cup of water and a half cup of vinegar. Allow it to simmer on the stove either as you are cooking bacon or afterward. Vinegar can help neutralize lingering odors.


Make Your Own Air Freshener

You can create some homemade air fresheners by pouring some vanilla extract on a few cotton balls. Put the cotton balls in a bowl and place it on the kitchen counter. This will help your kitchen smell fresh and will leave a hint of vanilla behind to help get rid of the bacon smell.


Another option is to use a slice of bread and add some white vinegar on top. Place the vinegar-soaked bread slice in a bowl on the counter. For best results, leave it out for several hours or even overnight.

Coffee grounds also make a great air freshener. Simply place some coffee grounds in a bowl and set it on the counter. You can put out more than one bowl of coffee grounds, placing them in different corners of the kitchen. You can also brew a fresh pot of coffee since this will help neutralize and conceal the bacon odor.



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