How to Reverse a Doorknob

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Reversing a doorknob is a simple task you can complete in just a few minutes. With the turn of a couple screws, you can turn the knob around to keep kids or pets from accidentally locking themselves in a room. You can use these instructions to help you move a doorknob to a different door as well; for instance, if you want to replace the locking door on your child's room with the non-locking door of your closet. Simply remove the knobs as instructed and switch them.


Step 1

Look at the screws in the plate that holds the doorknob to the door. If there is a + shape in the center, you need a Phillips head screwdriver, with a cross at the end. If there is a single line cut in the head of the screw, you need a flat head screwdriver.

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Step 2

Use the screwdriver to remove the screws that hold the doorknob to the door.


Step 3

Set the screws aside and pull the doorknob apart. Grasp the knobs on either side of the door and pull them away from the door. Leave the center mechanism in place. The knobs remain attached to the plate that holds them to the door.

Step 4

You will see two long metal tubes protruding from each doorknob, and corresponding holes in the part of the doorknob that's still in the door. Put the knob that was on the inside of the door on the outside, so the tubes go through the holes.


Step 5

Put the knob that was on the outside of the door on the inside, so the tubes meet the tubes on the other knob.

Step 6

Make sure both doorknobs are flush against the door.

Step 7

Insert the screws into the holes and use the screwdriver to tighten them.



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