How to Remove a Kwikset Door Knob

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Things You'll Need

  • Phillips-head screwdriver

  • Flathead screwdriver

  • Paperclip

The standard Kwikset door knob is much like any other entry door knob. When it comes time to replace the locks on your home, removing the Kwikset door knob will be a straightforward process. You can rekey Kwikset door knobs as well, which is a good feature to remember when you want to key all your doors the same. The method by which you remove a Kwikset door knob will depend on whether you want to remove the entire knob assembly or just the knob itself.

Entire Assembly

Step 1

Open the door so that you have access to front and back of the door you are removing the Kwikset door knob from. Remove the two screws on the inside door knob faceplate using a Phillips-head screwdriver. The screws secure the knobs together to the door.

Step 2

Simultaneously pull both sides of the door knob away from and off the door.

Step 3

Remove the screws that secure the latch plate to the edge of the door using the Phillips-head screwdriver. Insert a flathead screwdriver between the latch plate and the door to pry the latch assembly out of the door. Pull the assembly out of the door using your fingers.

Step 4

Locate and remove the screws that secure the strike plate to the door jamb using the Phillips-head screwdriver. Remove the strike plate from the door jamb.

Knob Only

Step 1

Locate a small hole on the knob sleeve between the back of the knob and the face of the door.

Step 2

Straighten a paperclip into a long, thin stick of metal.

Step 3

Insert the paperclip into the hole until you feel some resistance. The resistance is the locking pin holding the door knob to the stem. Press the paperclip down, pressing in on the locking pin. Pull the door knob away from the stem.


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