How to Remove a Kwikset Laurel Door Knob

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Kwikset is a manufacturer of door hardware, part of the Black & Decker Hardware and Home Improvement Group. Kwikset's Laurel line of doorknobs is sold in most hardware stores and is available in a variety of styles. Should you need to remove a Kwikset Laurel knob, you can accomplish the task in just a few short steps.

Step 1

Loosen the outer ring. Locate the depression or lip along the perimeter of the outer ring. Insert the head of a flathead screwdriver between the door and the lip and gently push the outer ring outward. Locate the arrow-shaped tab underneath the right side of the outer ring and push the tab downward with the head of the screwdriver.


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Step 2

Grab the knob handles on both sides of the door and simultaneously turn both handles clockwise. Release the handles. Remove the handle from the outer side of the door and set it aside.

Step 3

Loosen both screws on the inside of the knob mechanism. Turn each screw about five or six full turns counterclockwise. Do not remove the screws; leaving the screws inside the mechanism will make it easier to reinstall the knob, should you choose to do so. Rotate the mounting plate clockwise so that the heads of the screws fit through the larger portion of the slots in the mounting plate. Remove the mounting plate and the inner handle.


Step 4

Unscrew the latch from the side of the door. Insert a flathead screwdriver between the metal edge of the latch plate and the recessed groove in the side of the door. Gently pry out the edge of the latch plate and remove the latch.



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