How to Date Old Sears Table Saws

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The model number is the most important number for the saw as it helps determine what parts fix your saw.


Make sure the blade guard is in place so you do not cut yourself when you examine your saw.

Sears and Craftsman, the Sears brand of tools, have been building tools for well over 50 years. Among the power tools they build are table saws. These saws are large and can saw everything from a thin piece of wood to a piece of large plywood. If you are trying to find out the year your table saw was made, Sears has made it easy to determine on their parts website.


Step 1

Locate the model number. On saws, it is usually a silver sticker near the motor. It could also be on the frame.

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Step 2

Go to Sears' Manage My Life website (see Resources).


Step 3

Type the model number into the search bar at the top.

Step 4

Click on the owner's manual in the search results. Look for the date on the front page or the back page of the manual.