How to Find a Model Number on a Kenmore Washing Machine

Sears debuted the Kenmore washing machine in 1927 in its mail-order catalog. The first Kenmore washing machine was a wringer model. Today, Kenmore washing machines come in conventional top-load or modern front-load styles. Although buying parts and accessories for your Kenmore washing machine is a straightforward process, you will need the model number to do so.

Step 1

Check the product manual for your Kenmore washing machine. All Kenmore product manuals feature the product's model number on both the front cover and inside the manual.

Step 2

Find the model number for your Kenmore top-load washer by checking on the washer itself. Model number stickers can be in several different locations. Check the back of the washer's control panel, the upper left-hand corner of the back of the washer or the lower left-hand corner on the front of the washer. The model number might also be on a sticker under the lid or on the inside right back corner -- open the lid to check this location. In addition, look for it on a main side panel, near the bottom.

Step 3

Look for your Kenmore model number on front-load washers in a few spots. Most model number stickers are on the back of the door or on the doorjamb.