How to Determine the Year of Manufacture of a Husqvarna Chainsaw Model 268

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If you are unable to determine the year of manufacture, a Husqvarna dealer should be able to help you.

Husqvarna is known worldwide as a manufacturer of outdoor power products. In addition to professional outdoor equipment, Husqvarna offers a full range of consumer grade lawn and garden equipment. When ordering replacement parts for your Husqvarna 268 chainsaw, you'll need to provide information including the serial number, which includes the year of manufacture.


Step 1

Look on the side of your Husqvarna 268 chainsaw near the exhaust vent of the engine housing for small metal plate bolted to the housing, This plate contains the serial number.

Step 2

Examine the two numbers listed, a number on top and a number right below. The number on top is the part number and the bottom number is the serial number.

Step 3

Determine the model year with the first two characters of the serial number. For example, if the serial number begins with 99 the model year is 1999.


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