How to Find a Model Year on a John Deere Backhoe

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The John Deere Company labels all its tractor equipment products, including backhoes, with serial numbers that contain information identifying the year the piece was either made or put on the market, also known as the model year. There are numerous parts to a Deere backhoe, and many of the individual components and parts on the unit will have labeled serial numbers of their own. To avoid confusion between serial numbers of parts and serial number or identification number of the entire unit, Deere places the master identification number for all tractor products in a consistent, easily accessible location.


Step 1

Go to the left side of the backhoe tractor, and locate the black metal tag hanging above the front left axle. If needed, use a flashlight to locate the tag.

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Step 2

Look for the 13-digit identification number engraved onto the tag, also known as the tractor serial number. If the number is obscured by dirt or dust, wipe the tag with a moist, clean cloth so the number is clearly visible.


Step 3

Write the 13-digit number down legibly on a piece of paper. Keep the number in a safe place until you can decode it, and after that, store the information where you can easily retrieve it should the backhoe tractor be damaged or stolen.

Step 4

Look to the eighth digit of the identification number and circle it, because this is the number code that will identify the model year.


Step 5

Compare your eighth digit to the model year table found at (and linked in the Resource section of this article) to identify the model year of your John Deere backhoe.

Step 6

Locate and contact an authorized John Deere dealer for further information or assistance regarding your model year by using the International Dealer Locator search tool provided at (and linked in the Resource section of this article).



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