How to Change a Router Bit

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How to Change a Router Bit. A router is used for many applications in woodworking, drywall jobs and projects that require precise and difficult cutting. A router is a versatile tool that requires safety first, then careful attention to maintain the tool properly. Change the bit regularly for smooth operation.

Step 1

Make sure your router is unplugged before you start to change the router bit. Check to be sure the on-and-off switch on your router is in the off position.


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Step 2

Remove the old bit by using two wrenches. One wrench goes on the shaft of the router. The other wrench goes on the locking nut which holds the router bit securely in its place. Some routers have a locking mechanism that locks the shaft in place. In this case, you'll only need one wrench to change a router bit.

Step 3

Place the first wrench on the shaft. Place the second wrench on the locking nut. Turn the locking nut counter-clockwise to release. Release the locking nut. This allows the router bit to be pulled out of the shaft.


Step 4

Pull the router bit out of the shaft. Remove the locking nut from your router. Look to see another piece in the shaft. This is called a collet. This piece is what holds your router bit securely in place. It is cone-shaped with splits made in it. Remove the collet and clean away any debris in both the collet and shaft.

Step 5

Slide the collet into the shaft. Install the locking nut over the collet onto the shaft.


Step 6

Slide your new router bit in the opening until it bottoms out.

Step 7

Pull the bit up 1/8 inch. This allows your collet to tighten around your bit. Tighten the locking nut securely.



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