How to Use Regular Drill Bits on a Dremel

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Dremel makes a variety of high-speed rotary and oscillating tools, along with other power hand tools. The manufacturer also offers collets that hold bits in a Dremel rotary tool. If you want to use a regular bit that is out of the size range that the collets on your Dremel rotary tool accept, you can use a 4486 Dremel chuck. The 4486 chuck is smaller, but works like the chuck on a drill, opening wider or closing tighter, to accept regular bits that have shank sizes ranging from 1/32 inch to 1/8 inch.


Step 1

Press the shaft lock button located towards the top end of the Dremel 275 rotary tool. Rotate the shaft underneath the housing cap on the end of the tool, at the same time, until the lock engages and you are unable to rotate the shaft further.

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Step 2

Twist the collet nut on the end of the rotary tool counterclockwise using a collet wrench. Loosen and remove the collet nut and remove any collet from the hole in the end of the threaded shaft on the end of the tool.


Step 3

Thread the bottom of the 4486 Dremel chuck clockwise onto the Dremel's threaded shaft. Tighten the chuck onto the shank with your hand until it seats firmly onto the tool.

Step 4

Twist the body of the chuck counterclockwise with your hand to open the jaws wide enough to insert the drill bit. Insert the drill bit shank into the chuck. Twist the chuck body clockwise, using your hand, until the jaws fit tightly on the bit.


Step 5

Set the Dremel's "LO" and "HI" switch to the appropriate setting for the job, if the tool is a two-speed model. Plug the rotary tool's plug into an electrical outlet. Flip the "ON/OFF" switch into the "ON" position.



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