How to Remove the Router Bit on a Craftsman Router

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Things You'll Need

  • 2 adjustable wrenches

  • Lightweight lubricating oil (optional)


Add a couple of drops of lightweight lubricating oil to the router collet nuts to help ease their movement for the bit removal.

The Sears Craftsman brand has been producing dependable, hardworking routers and bits for more than 40 years. Professional builders and do-it-yourself homeowners respect Craftsman routers as one of the most versatile tools in their toolbox, offering an extensive range of router bits for almost any cutting type or shape imaginable. The procedure for removing a router bit makes changing bits an easy task and is common to all Craftsman routers.

Step 1

Set the Craftsman router's depth of cut to zero. This will extend the router base to allow full access to the router bit collet. The collet is the double hexagonal nut assembly that holds the bit's shaft into the router motor.

Step 2

Open an adjustable wrench for each of the two hexagonal nuts of the router collet. There is a larger hexagonal nut at the base of the router bit shaft and a second smaller hexagonal nut adjacent to it on the bit's shaft.

Step 3

Hold the large hex nut firmly locked in place and rotate the smaller hexagonal nut counterclockwise to loosen the collet and release the bit shaft.

Step 4

Pull the router bit away from the router motor to remove the bit's shaft from the collet.


Paul Massey

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