How to Tighten a Schlage Deadbolt

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Schlage deadbolts are made to help secure doors against unwanted intruders. Their line of deadbolts feature a keyed front entry and a latch on the rear side that allows the lock to be opened without need of a key. Although these locks are built to last, over time, with repeated openings and closings, these locks can begin to come loose. The good thing is that you don't have to wait for a locksmith to tighten a Schlage deadbolt, you can do it yourself.


Step 1

Stand on the inside of the door with the Schlage deadbolt handle facing you. Turn the handle on the deadbolt to the left to release the catch.

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Step 2

Pull the door open toward you. Place a block of wood or a doorstop in front of the door and before the jamb to keep the door wedged open.


Step 3

Remove any protective covering over the screws on the back of the deadbolt, if present. These can be pried off with the edge of a flat bladed screwdriver or a utility knife.

Step 4

Insert the end of a screwdriver into the screw on the deadbolt. Turn the screwdriver to the right to tighten the screw. Repeat this process for the second deadbolt screw.


Step 5

Swing the door toward you so that you are looking at the latch from the side.

Step 6

Tighten the screws on the latch by inserting the screwdriver into the screw heads and turning it to the right.

Step 7

Turn the handle on the latch back and forth several times to ensure that it is tight and operates smoothly.

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