How to Fix an Interior Door That Won't Stay Open

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When a door won't complete the simple task that it is built to do, it can be an annoying encounter each time you reach for the knob. A door that aggressively shuts as soon you walk through it and slams behind you is not always a good thing. Tackling the task of correcting a door that slams shut before you expect is a fairly simple job which requires minimal tools and effort.

How to Fix an Interior Door That Won't Stay Open
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Reasons Why

Reaching for a doorstop every time you hope to keep an entryway open with a wonky door is an annoying endeavor. More than likely it is the hinges that are the problem and they are not aligned properly. If the hinges weren't installed correctly when the door was originally hung it can cause the door to slam shut. As the home settles, this can affect the swing of the door. As hinges age, they may lose their friction, which can cause a door to slam shut. But, luckily this is an easy fix.


Prep Work

Before you shush a slamming door you need to approach and understand the problem. Check the hinges. They could be loose and not holding enough friction to keep the door from closing. Start at the top and work your way down. Gather a hammer and nails that are long enough to hold with your fingers and hammer at the same time as well as some thin cardboard.


How to Fix a Failing Door

With a nail set and hammer, tap the pin from one of the door hinges. Put the hinge on a surface that can take a good hit and whack a slight bend into the tip of the hinge pin. When you tap it back in place check the swing of the door. If it continues, do the same to the other hinge until you get the door to swing shut without slamming and at a pace that works for you. Basically, you are attempting to repair the tension to a workable level. If the door still won't stay open without assistance, remove the screws from the top hinge first. Cut a piece of thin cardboard to the size and shape of the hinge side piece. Place that piece of cardboard on the door frame where the hinge will be screwed back into place. Attach the hinge and tighten it down to help in removing the free swing from the door.


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