How to Repair Sterling Faucets Shower Stems

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Things You'll Need

  • Flathead screwdriver

  • Allen wrench

  • Pliers

  • New Sterling shower faucet stem


Make sure your replacement faucet stem is a Sterling brand and is similar to the old one that it is a one-handle or two-handle, depending on what you had before.

Shower head

Sterling is a brand name for faucets that has been around for years. If your shower faucet begins to leak water from the handle or the water does not maintain a constant temperature, the shower stem may be worn out or damaged and most likely should be replaced. It is possible to install a Sterling shower faucet stem yourself with a few simple tools, which will save you money in the long run over hiring a professional. Sterling shower faucet stems can be purchased at a local hardware store.

Step 1

Turn off the shower's water supply by turning the shutoff valve to the right. The water valve should be located near the shower or in the basement.

Step 2

Remove the faucet's handle with an Allen wrench if it is a single-handle faucet. Twist the Allen wrench to loosen the screw in the bottom of the handle. If it is a two-handle faucet, use a flathead screwdriver to pop off the decorative cap that covers the screw and loosen the screw with the screwdriver. Pull off the screw.

Step 3

Loosen the screw on the Sterling faucet stem with a screwdriver. Grab the old stem with a pair of adjustable pliers. You may need to twist the stem to get it out.

Step 4

Slide the new Sterling stem into the opening of the faucet in the old one's place and push it in firmly. Tighten the screw holding the stem with a screwdriver.

Step 5

Replace the handle on the faucet and tighten the screw that holds it with either an Allen wrench or screwdriver, depending on which one you used to remove it.

Step 6

Turn the water back on and test the faucet stem to make sure it operates correctly.


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