Price Pfister 17196-0100G Tub and Shower Faucet Instructions

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Although Pfister has discontinued the Price Pfister 17196-0100G tub and shower faucet model, you can still come across the older models, and you may need to know how to install them. If you are looking for a new faucet, newer models of the single-handle tub and shower faucets are still being manufactured by Pfister and are available for purchase in retail stores and through wholesale plumbing supply. Fortunately, regardless of the model, most Pfister single-handle tub and shower faucets share similar installation instructions.


How to Disassemble the Old Faucet

  1. First, turn off the water supply to your house. The water shutoff valve will be located in the basement, a crawlspace or outside against the foundation. If you live in an apartment, check under the kitchen sink.
  2. Once the water is off, run the shower to rid it of any water remaining in the pipes.
  3. Wipe down the area to avoid slipping and lay a drop cloth over the drain to avoid losing falling screws.
  4. Depending on the existing tub and shower faucet's make and model, specifics on the removal process may vary slightly. To remove the faucets, you may need either an Allen wrench or a flathead or Phillips screwdriver depending on the type of screws. Use an adjustable wrench to loosen retaining nuts. Set the pieces aside.
  5. To remove the existing control assembly, follow the same process for the faucets. Using the appropriate tools, loosen and remove the screws on the plate. Turn the handle to the left and pull it away from the wall. Using an adjustable wrench, remove the retaining ring and then remove the control assembly to reveal the control valve. With the appropriate screwdriver, loosen the four screws and then remove the valve from the wall.


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How to Install the New Faucet

  1. Inspect the work area to verify that the holes align with the faucets.
  2. If everything is the right fit, insert the new Pfister control valve and secure it in place with the supplied screws.
  3. Position the plate, making sure the drain hole points downward, and then align the ring and secure all pieces in place.
  4. Reattach the handle to the valve stem and tighten.
  5. Before you install the shower arm, tape the back threaded end with PTFE plumber's tape.
  6. Line the shower flange over the pipe in the wall, screw the shower arm into place and slide the shower flange tight against the wall.
  7. Once secure, install the showerhead per the manufacturer's instructions.


Finalizing the Installation Process

  1. To install the tub faucet, you will need to secure a pipe nipple to the pipe elbow. Just like the shower arm, tape the ends of the pipe nipple with PTFE plumber's tape.
  2. Twist the pipe nipple onto the pipe elbow, making sure it's tight, and screw on the tub faucet until it is positioned correctly and is flush against the wall.
  3. Once everything is in place, turn the water back on and test that the shower, tub and temperature controls work.


Because this particular model of faucet is no longer made, you may have a harder time finding replacement parts for it. Contact the manufacturer if you need assistance.



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