Water Won't Come Out of My Shower Faucet

No one wants to step into the shower stall and find out that no water is coming out of the faucet. This is a very annoying occurrence that could be a major problem or a simple fix. Leaking pipes can cause low pressure, but many other possibilities can cause the shower not to produce water. Learning how to troubleshoot your shower will help you quickly figure out your water problem

Learn how to troubleshoot your shower faucet.

Step 1

Check your water flow valves for the shower. The valves regulate the flow of water to your bathroom. These may be located right behind the shower wall or underneath the sink. Check them to make sure that they are in the open position. Sometimes the valves may be bumped and can turn off.

Step 2

Remove the shower head by unscrewing the head counterclockwise from the shower neck pipe. Turn on the water to the shower to see if any water is coming out. If the water comes out of the neck pipe after you've taken the shower head off, then check for obstructions in the shower head or any valves that may be broken inside the shower head. You may have a defective shower head.

Step 3

Check your water main. This is usually located in the ground out in your yard. If water is leaking out in the hole, or if the valve switch has been turned off, the water will not be running anywhere in your house. Call your water company to assist you if this is the problem.

Step 4

Make sure that you've paid your water bill. If the water company has shut off your service, water won't be running anywhere in your house.