How to Unclog a Landscape Drain Pipe

Yard drains protect your yard from flooding when there are heavy rains. Properly installed french drains will reduce erosion in your yard by funneling water away from the house, also preventing foundation damage. A clogged drain line in the yard may cause water to back up out of the pipe, flooding areas and possibly killing plants and grass. Regularly cleaning debris from the drain pipe and removing clogs from the inside of the pipe will prevent this from happening.

Drains are used in yards to prevent flooding.

Step 1

Put on a pair of gloves and remove all the debris from the end of the drain. Pull out any tall weeds and leaves that may clog the drain.

Step 2

Rake away any cut grass or leaves clogging the end of the drain.

Step 3

Insert a hose in the drain and turn the water on full power. This will break up any loose debris that may be clogging the drainage system. Use the power sprayer attachment on your hose if you have one.

Step 4

Insert an auger, also called a drainage snake, in the end of the drain pipe until you feel it press against the clog. Turn the handle at the end of the snake to rotate it through the clogged mess. Bring it back out once you feel it break through the clog and insert it again to make sure you've fully broken up the clog.