Chalkboard paint provides a clever design touch to your kitchen, family room or the kids' rooms. But children often outgrow that decor as they reach their teenage years, which means that it's time to cover the chalkboard with a more attractive color of paint. Unfortunately, you can't simply apply an ordinary paint over your chalkboard surface. If you want your new finish to last, you'll need to first perform some simple surface prep.

Step 1

Wipe the chalkboard surface with a clean, damp cloth to remove any chalk dust, then let the surface dry off.

Step 2

Sand the chalkboard with medium-grit sandpaper -- 120- to 150-grit -- until the entire surface feels roughed-up rather than smooth to the touch. It is not necessary to sand off the chalkboard finish.

Step 3

Wipe the sanded area with a tack cloth to remove any sanding residue.

Step 4

Apply an all-purpose water-based primer to the surface using a synthetic filament brush, then allow it two hours to dry.

Step 5

Finish off your former chalkboard with two coats of a quality acrylic latex paint, applied by brush or roller. Premium paints use higher-grade pigments for better hide, which helps provide better coverage over the old chalkboard paint.