How to Clean a Painted Chalkboard

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Chalkboard paint is a delightful invention that allows you to turn furniture, appliances, walls, or nearly any other surface into something on which you can safely write or draw. But chalk dust tends to stick to the surface of chalkboard paint, especially if the surface isn't perfectly smooth, giving the chalk dust the chance to settle into the crevices. Dirty chalkboard paint can have a hazy, muted, less vivid shade than you originally painted, but a proper cleaning can restore your chalkboard surface to the original color, whether green, black, or any other hue.


Use an Eraser

With most cleaning projects, it's typically a good idea to start small and then work up to stronger methods to protect the surface with something that won't scratch or weaken it as many cleaning products would. To that end, the classic chalkboard eraser is always a good place to start when cleaning chalkboard paint, especially because moisture can damage the surface over time. Go over the entire surface twice to make sure you remove all the dust.


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Clean your eraser regularly to prevent it from spreading chalk dust rather than wiping it away. To clean the eraser, simply go over it with your vacuum hose to suck out the dust trapped inside.

Grab a Microfiber Cloth

If the eraser didn't do the job, you may have to use a little moisture. Dampen a microfiber cloth and then wring out all the excess water. Wipe down the surface, working from the top down. If this still isn't doing the job, try again after adding a few drops of dish detergent to the cloth. Allow the surface to completely dry before writing again to avoid damaging the chalkboard paint.


Try Using Cola

It may sound like one of those crazy "life hacks" you find on the internet that end up making things worse rather than better, but soda works wonders when it comes to cleaning a chalkboard paint surface. Simply pour the cola into a bowl and dip a sponge into it. Wring out the excess moisture before going over the wall with the damp sponge, working from the top down. Rinse the sponge to remove dust residue as necessary and then dip it into the cola and keep cleaning.


When you're finished, go over the surface with a damp microfiber cloth to remove any soda residue. Leave the chalkboard paint surface to fully dry before writing or drawing on the surface to avoid scratching through the softened paint.

Other Products to Try

If you don't have soft drinks around the house, you could try using vinegar diluted in 4 parts of water in place of the cola, following the same cleaning process. Alternatively, you can purchase a furniture duster, such as Endust, and use it according to the manufacturer's directions to wipe the surface clean.



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