How to Paint a Concrete Ceiling

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Things You'll Need

  • Broom

  • Sandpaper

  • Long-handled paint roller

  • Concrete sealer

  • Epoxy paint or latex paint


Epoxy paint will also fill in any flaws or hairline cracks. Alternatively, use a latex paint mixed with a sealer, which will give the concrete ceiling additional protection. Mix the paint and sealer according to the directions on the paint can.


Don't paint your concrete ceiling if you notice dampness anywhere on the ceiling. Call a professional for a solution before painting your concrete ceiling, as the dampness may cause problems with your home's foundation.

Many home basements have unfinished concrete ceilings. If you plan on using the basement, the concrete ceiling will have a drab, dull appearance. Painting your ceiling will help give your basement a more finished, usable appearance, as concrete paint is available in nearly every color imaginable. Although painting concrete ceilings isn't difficult, painting overhead can be tiring. Use a long-handled roller or apply the paint with a paint sprayer.

Step 1

Sand any bumps or uneven areas so the ceiling is smooth, then sweep the concrete ceiling to remove any dust or cobwebs. Sealer and paint won't adhere to a dirty surface.

Step 2

Use a long-handled paint roller to apply a concrete sealer to the ceiling. If the concrete ceiling has already been sealed, touch up any worn areas before painting the ceiling.

Step 3

Paint the concrete ceiling, using a long-handled roller or a paint sprayer. Use an epoxy paint, which will adhere to the ceiling and will provide a hard surface that won't be easily chipped or scratched.


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