How to Use the Little Giant Ladder on Stairs

Without the little giant ladder system it would have been nearly impossible to set-up a ladder on the stairs and paint my hallway. My only option would have been to hire a professional. Personally, I never like to hire a professional to do a job I think I'm capable of doing myself. Following the steps in this article you'll see how to use the little giant ladder on stairs and possibly save yourself from hiring a professional for this type of situation.

Little Giant Ladder on Stairs

Step 1

Before using the Little Giant Ladder System make sure you understand and follow all of the manufactures safety guidelines, precautions, & warnings for the specific ladder you are using. The Little Giant Ladder website is included at the bottom of this article.

Step 2

Unlock both hinge locks on the little giant ladder, by pushing in the orange knobs at the top of both sides, and move the ladder into the A-frame position.

Step 3

Pull both slide locks out on one side of the ladder and raise the side of the ladder to the desired height. At this point, the ladder will be longer on one side than the other. Re-insert both slide locks into the rung holes to lock the ladder into position.

Step 4

Adjust the other side of the ladder the same way. Pull out both slide locks...adjust the side to the desired both slide locks to lock the ladder into position. To prepare the ladder to stand on a staircase, one side of the ladder needs to be shorter than the other. This can be adjusted after the ladder is on the stairs.

Step 5

With the help of another adult, place the little giant ladder on the stairs. Put the shorter side of the ladder of the top of the stairs. Then adjust each side of the ladder by repeating steps 1 & 2 to get the ladder into the desired position and sitting securely on the stairs.

Step 6

For added security, I suggest asking an adult to hold the ladder while you are using it on the stairs.