How to Cut Cork Flooring

Cork flooring has many good qualities, making it an excellent choice in homes. Cork provides an eco-friendly flooring option, mold and mildew resistant, insulating, hypo-allergenic, sound muffling, soft to walk on, highly durable, very easy to clean and naturally resistant to insects. Cork flooring does have its drawbacks: it dents easily, cannot stand up to abuse, has limited color choices, requires sealant, fades, scratches fairly easily, swells and warps due to humidity and the price compares to hardwood flooring. Cork makes an excellent, very easy to install flooring alternative for the do-it-yourself type homeowner.

Cutting cork floors

Step 1

Measure the area of cork requiring cutting.

Step 2

Use a pencil to mark the back of the cork floor tile, sheet or plank.

Step 3

Place a wood cutting board on top of a flat, level surface.

Step 4

Place the cork on the cutting board.

Step 5

Place a metal straight edge, ruler or "T" square along the pencil line. Use a clamp at each end of the tile to hold larger pieces of cork flooring and the metal straight edge in place when cutting.

Step 6

Use a very sharp utility knife to cut the cork.

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